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Do You Believe That One Should Sacrifice Life for Liberty ?

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History has shown us that liberty is not guaranteed, natural cause. Liberty was gained by sacrifices from many visionaries and patriots. If nobody would have made sacrifices in the past we would have still been slaves. According to history, there has been some kind of freedom struggle in almost all nations.
      Liberty is both freedom from captivity and freedom to do as one pleases subject to social norms. Like the struggle for India's independence from the British was for freedom from captivity and was led by many nationalists. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the main leaders of the nationalists in India's freedom struggle. The past has shown us that as much as sacrifices are important even commitment is needed. We must commit ourselves to our country. In today's world many people believe that their liberty has been violated, as a result they protest to gain freedom. For example, in the past when women were denied the right to vote. Women protested, discussed and persuaded the government to amend this right so that they would have the right to suffrage. Recently, we have heard about the gay rights protests. Where people fought the government to approve gay marriage. By these instances we see, whether it is the past or the present sacrifices are needed to preserve liberty.
      But it is not essential to sacrifice life for freedom. Sacrifices in the form of time, commitment and determination are needed. We should commit ourselves for upholding our independence and to help our country as and when it is needed,


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