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Why Marriages Are Made in Heaven ?

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Why marriages are made in heaven?

Well a marriage is the most crucial and important festival of everyone’s life even the ones who cannot marry legally (like homosexuals and lesbians) they also dream about marriage and the well performed rituals and ceremonies which give the essence of unity and togetherness. The Holy matrimony is the biggest event celebrated worldwide by humans and enjoyed by heterosexuals. I am differentiating the gender roles here as the match made in heaven are based on unlimited factors. We call it the match made in heaven and initially we do work hard in creating the moments and transforming the opportunities into workable situations which contribute in making the perfect wedding.

Well we all admire and look out for the best partner. No matter how pathetic we are, we need simply the best. Well our expectations and our assumptions mix together to fetch that perfect one. From our point of view we are 100 % right and others may be wrong or are defiantly wrong. For every Parent there child is the best in the world and they cannot tolerate anything negative about there child, they cannot face comments or labels as they got the best and real gemstone. This so called “mine is perfect “attitude makes situations difficult as this attitude does not allow any one who is less than perfect. Guys and girls get the rejection tag numerous times due to this factor only. Sometimes the perfection is calculated on the basis of beauty, sometimes on the basis of money and sometimes it’s an overall decision considering background, lifestyle, and status.

Marriage is not a simple game; it is complicated structure which affects both the families if not conducted in right manner. The brides family handles the most critical stage as they have to please the grooms family in every way and the toughest moment is when girl leaves there family and adopts a new family. The stage of brides family is considered critical because they do not know the temperament and...


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