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The Evolution of Individual Nations
Just as every individual is an amalgam of positive and negative attributes whose being is growing and evolving, so too each nation of the world has an evolving character that expresses both positively and negatively. Each nation can in fact be said to represent a different aspect of human consciousness and capacity. For example, France is said to represent "clarity of thought;" Russia "the brotherhood of man;" the USA "practical organization;" and India "the spiritual teacher (i.e. guru) of the world." Each nation then expresses a ray, or several rays of truth, knowledge, and capacity, reflecting the best of human character and consciousness. Similarly, every nation also expresses its own wanting propensities for falsehood, ignorance, and incapacity. By accentuating the former, and overcoming the latter, the growth, development, and evolution of nations is made possible.
Perhaps the best way to come to know the various capacities of a nation in the current world environment is to examine its level of prosperity. The USA and India can serve as excellent examples, as they represent two contrasting extremes. The USA, on the one hand, has experienced a level of material success bordering on the infinite, even as she has failed so far to embrace the deeper aspects of life. India, on the other hand, who once knew the infinity of spirit and then lost it, is now trying to regain it. In addition, along the way, she became very poor, but now can utilize a regained spirit to rapidly prosper in an integral -- i.e. not merely material -- way.
India as Living Being
India is not the earth, rivers and mountains of this land, neither is it a collective name for the inhabitants of this country. India is a living being, as much living as, say Shiva. (The Mother)
On India's Past Greatness
India is the only country that, in 10,000 years, hasn't invaded another country. Of course, it has invaded culturally. For centuries, it ruled South-East...


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