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Universities Should Require Every Student to Take a Variety of Courses Outside the Student's Field of Study.

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Should student focus on their major or take a variety of courses outside their field of study? would this make such a big difference to one's life? I believe that   such decision must be totally taken by the students themselves based on their capacity and desire. The recommendation that students should be forced to study subjects other than their fields of study is extremely unwarranted.
Some may argue that, there is no harm in choosing a variety of courses outside one's field of study in order to increase student awareness   and make him more educated, however such an action could have serious consequences on student for many reason. First, taking up courses outside one's field, will   hinder one's concentration   and deviate his attention   on core subjects relevant to his field. Moreover, student will not being able to become a competent specialist   as he wasted valuable time during his years in the university memorizing facts that were of no relevance to his choice of career. students. Ex: It is not warranted to force pharmacy   student to study some foreign languages in the time that he should have spent studying the concepts of pharmacology.
It is the responsibility of universities to offer diversity of   classes to their student,   and allow the students to choose a variety of courses to complete their degree; there is no restriction on the type of courses to be chosen to complete a degree. Taking in account that the courses shouldn’t be   very much unrelated to a one's major and they must be limited in number to avoid   consuming the limited time of student. Because of this freedom, students are able to devote more concentration to their fields of study and ends up in fruitful results

In conclusion, choosing a multitude of courses, outside one's field of study might seem beneficial,   however of the universities should give the students freedom to select the elective courses of their choice depending upon their capabilities.


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