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Robert Frost. Essay

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“Robert Frost’s poetry uses simple imagery to convey more complex messages about life”
Connecting with the others and the world around us can enrich or limit our sense of understanding. Robert Frosts ‘’ Mending wall” and “The Road Not Taken” uses simplistic imagery to convey complex messages about life using a variety of poetic techniques. Within “The Road Not Taken” Frost presents the responder with issues which people face in life such as the choices people make, futility of human isolation, futility of human endeavour and death, in which we can relate to, while “Mending Wall” explores a relationship between himself and his neighbour who is not named; his identity remains vague to the reader and to the poet as well.
“Mending Wall” is written in blank verse. The poem is built on a contrast between two attitudes, that of the speaker, presumably the poet, who is imaginative and an independent thinker, and that of his neighbour, who prefers not to question anything. The poet begins with his perspective.”Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” it outlines the stress that the wall faces against Mother Nature.
The poet uses many different poetic techniques including repetition and metaphor in order to create interesting images and impressions on the reader. “And on a day we meet to walk the line and set the wall between us once again”. This technique is an example of Frost using harsh consonants and words in order to create a slow rhythm showing that the words are very literal. Another technique that Frost uses more than once is repetition. “The wall between us,” is a line that is repeated to show that the wall is not only physical and it really does extend to the men’s relationship with each other. This contrasts immediately with, “And some are loaves and some so nearly balls.” This is a metaphor that Frost uses in the poem when he is comparing the stones to these objects.
Frost expresses the down side that sometimes walls create a lack of understanding of...


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