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3 secrets to living a life that you love and will never lose

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For many of us at times it has seemed as though living a life of our dreams was not realistic. We have held down jobs that we have disliked, stayed in less than healthy relationships out of fear of the unknown and resigned ourselves to the concept that we are here to struggle and then we die. To begin to address a whole new paradigm takes courage and heart. The heart is where you find your courage. In the bible Jesus advised us to not love our lives as we could lose them "If you cling to your life, you will lose it, if you let your life go, you will save it. " Luke 17:33 That translation has at times been misunderstood. There is a whole new way to love your life when you are living in your heart and not attached to any outcomes. Then and in that place, can you more purely love as you have no fear of losing and have only giving and serving in mind, heart and soul. Here are 3 secrets to living a life that you love and will never lose.
1. Recognize That You Are an Emotional Being

When we recognize that we have emotions and that we are here to heal our emotional body, we can begin to heal our past and not repeat it. How many times have you felt as though it was groundhog day as in the movie with Bill Murray, that you are repeating over and over again the same situations and drawing the same unhealthy friendships and relationships into your life? We live on autopilot at times. This is where inner work and looking at our patterns and emotional states can be helpful. Healing our emotional wounds can help us greatly prepare our heart to live in the joy that it is here to experience.

2. Remember Who You Were at 10 Years Old

No matter what kind of childhood you had, you can remember a part of your being that felt as though you could do anything. You have enough reasoning at ten to know logically more than you did at earlier stages of development and still have not been overly conditioned to ignore your own inner promptings from your heart that sing with creativity...


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