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Technology Essay

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Yuyeong Lim
Ms Venakides
16 December 2010
The hope of technology
“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C Clarke -  
Have you ever imagined your life without technology? If you answered yes to the question, that is probably not true. Technology is taking such a big part in our lives, it is nearly impossible to imagine life without it. Nevertheless, the sudden acceleration of technology is bringing up the voices of concern. Numerous people are worrying about technology going “too much”. Some are afraid of it invading the territory of the God. Others are warning the “side effects” that it can bring, the “danger” never known to human race that new technology might possess. In this paper, several articles related to technology and its effects are going to be mentioned including the PBS video “How Google Saved a School”, which describes how technology changed the students behaviors, the New York Times article “As nanotechnology gains ground, so do concerns”, which describes the potential of nanotechnology, and an article named “Technology Can Improve Healthcare” written by a journalist named Mitnick, which proposes the possibility of healthcare with the assistance of technology. Also a video clip “Going Digital at 83” and an article titled “Medical technology; Laser treatment Coming of Age for the Removal of Kidney Stones” will be mentioned as well. Despite the worries, technology has more potential of benefits than harm. The introduction of a new concept or technology has always met doubts and concerns, but it has always given us benefits. When vaccine was first invented in1770 by Edward Jenner, many people doubted the use of vaccine and most of them protested against using vaccine on humans. These “vaccine critics” argued over morality and safety of vaccines. Some religious groups banned the use of vaccine, and government officials disapproved the use of vaccine without governmental supervision. However, the...


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