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Distinctive Voices

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A distinctive voice is a manner or way of communication of one's feelings and thoughts. Composers like Martin Luther King, Earl Spencer & Barrack Osama have used their distinctive voices to enable the audience to think about their significant issues in a particular view within different aspects.

In Martin Luther King's Speech “I have a dream” was presented on 1963 Washington DC during a Civil Rights protest march at the steps of Lincoln Memorial, MKL delivered his speech to confront the world about the mistreatment of African Americans and to inform America that the African Americans would no longer tolerate prejudice. Another speech that I'm going to elaborate as my related text is on Barrack Osama's Inaugural Address as the 44th President of America that occurred on the steps of Capitol 20th of Jan 2009. He's address had a voice of reassurance, promise and hope for the future with authority and leadership which felt auspicious as America was going through a difficult time. He represented the people who were crying for social change, values and attitudes. On the contrary, Earl Spencer was a representative of his family in grief, at Princess Diana s funeral service being held in Westmintler Abbey in London. His eulogy was to express his personal grief and present a true picture of his sister and pay respect to her as an individual.
All these speakers have used an amount of language techniques to express their messages, like rhetorical techniques, parallelism,   metaphors, anaphora, triple rule and much more to make their voice a distinctive voice.

One of the best examples of a Distinctive voice would be Martin Luther King's Speech. He wanted to communicate to the world about the mistreatment of African Americans, and used this opportunity to warn the government that they would no longer tolerate segregation and racism. He called upon all Americans to join together in abolishing racial prejudice and wanted to remind America about the promised one hundred...


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