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Inequality - Racism and Ageism in Today’s Society.

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Racism and Ageism in Today’s Society.

    Living in the twenty-first century, we pride ourselves on how far we have come in developing a “civilised” society (Student handbook 2004-2005). Having a ‘fair’ justice system in place, ‘excellent’ health care facilities, ever-increasing global communications and continual development of new technologies, help to reinforce this theory. With this globalisation, society is seemingly becoming better, however, society is not perfect, in reality it is far from it!
      A major issue, which is still prominent today, is inequality. According to The New Oxford Dictionary of English (1998), inequality is defined as “difference in size, degree, circumstances, etc; lack of equality: social inequality” Throughout the world, inequality is diverse and is found in many regions of society. They are most often linked to Race, Age, Gender and Sexuality.
Although it surrounds us, it can sometimes go unnoticed and can easily be taken for granted. For those who are constantly subjected to these inequalities, it is always at the forefront of their mind and therefore always conscious of the fact that they, individually and collectively, are viewed and treated as inferior in society. For others, the concept of inequality may be seen as a minor or irrelevant issue as they themselves have never fallen victim to it in their lives.
      As individuals we need to step back from our surroundings and become aware of how our attitudes and personalities are reflected in society. We have to remember that inequality didn’t come as standard in society. There are no facts stating that, for example, men are better than women or that one race is superior to another. These are just personal judgements, attitudes and beliefs that fuel inequality in society. In my essay I am going to concentrate on Racism and Ageism in our society.

      Consider Racism in our society. Every person on this earth...


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