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Why Anna Hazare Cannot Win Against Corruption ?

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He is definitely a blessing. I have not seen any person like him who is so dedicated towards the welfare of the people and towards the welfare of the country. He deserves rest and a life of peace and comfort like any human being running in his age. He is old but he has shown the whole young community that he is younger by heart. He seems like a reflection of Gandhi ji. I have read about Gandhi ji but if you really wish to see the works of Gandhi ji in reality then you should meet Shri Anna hazare ji.

Today every single person of India is well informed about the updates of Anna hazare as whatever he does is breaking news. But the most important question of corruption is certainly in doubt. Anna hazare fights against corruption. Corruption is a nightmare for some but a blessing for many. India is a country which is secular in nature. India welcomes every person and allows them to grow but the people of India are stabbing there own backs by choosing corruption as the only source.

As we all know that the current political leaders and there parties were caught in different scams like 2g spectrum and common wealth games scam , whole attention was directed towards these leaders. There working was questionable as the scam was not of any small amount. It was certainly big enough to create a heart attack among peoples trust and belief on there government. The campaigns against corruption were entirely focusing the present leaders which was certainly a threat to the position of the leaders as this may effect there vote bank at the time of elections.

The campaign was forcefully disturbed; different twisting policies were created to affect the campaign. Although the people of India were watching all this happening, very few build up courage to join the battles against corruption. The main motive of the campaign was to fight against corruption but the political parties got the assumption that the campaigns were to affect there political carrier and...


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