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Why Girls Prefer Mature Men for Sex ?

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What the hell? Why not me? What’s wrong in me? My mom says I am the best looking guy but still she does not like me?

This is the most common question guys ask to there conscious level when they get rejected and they get so much irritated because they are unaware about the reason of rejection. They think that something is wrong in them. May be there biceps are not that huge or maybe there chest is not shaved or may be because of bank balance. There could be thousands of reasons but the most amazing reason is not known to these young studs.

Guys don’t know the psychology of girls no matter how much experienced they are. Every girl is different, there dreams are same but the way they see the dream is entirely different. Every girl dreams of a prince charm but not every one wants to see there prince charm riding a horse. The biggest mistake guys do is categorizing every girl into a common label. They think that every girl is attracted to pink environment. They think every girl is delicate and desperate but today it all depends on upbringing which decides the overall behavior and type of girl. Unfortunately guys are very bad in determining the nature as there only attention is the face and body. Well girls are also not innocent in anyway, they too play games and bluff in order to fetch the most eligible bachelor. The guy which is not useful to them is obviously rejected but the guys who get 10/10 on the basis of looks and 0/10 on the basis of money are also fetched for casual sex. The ones who are 11/10 in every field are fetched for marriage. It’s like choosing the phone which has all the features. Every one feels comfortable in there cup of tea and they also look for a partner who falls well into that cup of tea.

Well today casual sex is just a normal thing. Having a girlfriend or a boyfriend is not a proud thing. Talking in sarcastic and honest terms, for a guy a girlfriend means a girl who is giving him free sex and he does not have to go to...


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