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Keys to Speed Reading

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Key to Becoming a Fast Reader: An introduction .



Dear Student, Welcome to the Iris Organization! We teach advanced level reading skills to improve reading speed, comprehension and recall. At nearly every level of education it is assumed that students know how to read well. But when was the last time you really learned how to read? Most students rarely receive additional instruction beyond the grade school level. We are thus forced to read advanced material with the basic reading skills that we learned as children. We need advanced reading skills to approach material that is intellectually demanding. Basic skills will not suffice. The aim of the Iris Organization is to teach these advanced reading skills by focusing on speed, comprehension and recall. These skills will allow any reader to absorb more information in less time with better retention. What you are about to embark upon is not a remedial reading program of any sort. You will be guided through a process of change that will revolutionize your perception of the printed page. With an open mind and a commitment to making the change, you will see drastic results in your reading abilities. We commend you on taking the initiative of improving your reading abilities, as they will serve you well throughout your life. Sincerely,

The Iris Organization



Whether you like to read or not, there are many benefits to becoming a faster and more efficient reader. If you don’t like to read, you’ll be able to complete your required reading in less time. If you enjoy reading, you’ll be able to read all those dusty books on your shelf that you haven’t found time for yet. Being a faster reader allows you to: Read more in less time. As a fast reader, you will be able to complete assignments and projects quickly, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy other things. Understand and remember more information. Studies show that faster readers are more focused while reading. Reading at...


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