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How the Energy-Saving Ball Mill to Achieve Energy

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How the energy-saving ball mill to achieve energy
    mill transmission components should be how to install? Xingbang for the needs of the customer's machine, the introduction of a mature cutting-edge technology for the upgrading of the equipment of our company, products with the contemporary theme of environmental protection, energy saving, sand making machine intelligent mechatronics "is consistent, so will also become the mainstream of the industry. Transmission components is the combination of one of the main components of the ball mill, it plays a very important role, and its installation should carefully following the ball mill drive components installed technical guidance: (1) for the mill to install the conveyor, the initial alignment. (2) the Rotary Kiln size of the gear teeth bite, the journal level, subject to find a large gear is required to pass the motive of the centerline of the rotor centerline parallel shaft at both ends of the level of consistent. (3) Check that the ball mill gear meshing, to adjust the tooth side and tooth tip clearance, the tooth side 0.8 ~~ 1mm, the addendum may be slightly larger than 0.25M (M for tooth modulus), the deviation is not greater than 0.15mm. (4) color printing check the size of the gear contact area should be not less than 50% of the tooth height h, 60% of the tooth width l, and living in Central and otherwise   alicey599 adjusted accordingly. (5) The adjustment is completed chassis fastening of the conveyor.In recent years, the state of development of the sand dryer?

  Xingbang machine here is analyzed as follows: Xingbang machine years of continuous innovation, better ourselves, to challenge the limits, and strive to provide 100% quality products.We believe in the product quality is the life, Bong Letter integrity, pragmatic, efficient management of the country, always adhere to build brands, quality service to enhance the brand. rock crusher According to experts, sand dryer, precisely, is devoted to a dry...


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