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Xingbang Mobile Crushing Station Help Construction Waste

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Xingbang mobile crushing station help construction waste
    synchronous motor addition to the squirrel cage motor drive of the small ball mill applications, small and medium-sized ball mills are mostly winding three-phase asynchronous motor drag.Wound motor JR, JRQ, and YR series.Asynchronous motors in the mill drag the main drawback is that: ?equipment simple and inexpensive; ?sufficient starting torque can be started directly mill; its starting torque can be controlled through the access of the rotor winding series resistance frequency sensitive rheostat in the motor starter in the rotor circuit resistance to change, to adapt to the requirements to improve startup performance.Startup, just close the power switch, the Hammer crusher motor in the frequency sensitive rheostat with the rotor speed is increased by automatically reducing the resistance of the string in the rotor circuit, the motor speed smoothly rising.?small startup current.The starting current can be controlled at the rated current.Five times, so the application in the great lines of the grid capacity will not affect the normal operation of other equipment.Its only drawback is that the asynchronous motor with low power factor lagging.This limits its application in the ball mill drag on.Methods to improve the power factor of two kinds: one is applicable to large-capacity high-voltage electrostatic capacitor; another application into the camera, it would be the main rotor winding phase, by changing the motor phase to improve the factors, the use into the camera motor power factor to 0.95 to 1."\0"In addition, the power factor of induction motor with the motor rated speed is related to the lower speed, lower power factor, so starting from the point of view of the river electricity, should give priority to the use of high-speed asynchronous motor.?synchronous motor synchronous motor to drag the ball mill in two ways: the low starting torque synchronous motor - TD series three-phase synchronous motor;...


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