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To Kill a Mockingbird Essay - Rough Draft

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To Kill A Mockingbird Essay
  Rough Draft

  “Appeal: To attract interest or draw favorable attention.” Through out the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch is a constant source of appeal due to his heroic actions. Atticus demonstrates this through his unexpected shooting skills, the choice to defend Tom Robinson, and his kindness towards others and his enemies.

To start with Atticus Finch's   unexpected shooting skills had a lot of appeal to Scout and Jem. Scout believes Atticus could not do anything cool or interesting. Scout comments, “ Our father don't do anything. He worked in an office, not a drugstore. Attiucs didn't drive a dump-truck for the county,   he was not the sheriff, he did not farm, work in a garage, or do anything that could possibly arouse the admiration of anyone.” (Lee 89 ).   When Atticus shoots Old Tim Johnson, he gets a near dead shot, surprising Scout and Jem.   After Atticus shoots Old Tim Johnson, Scout and Jem are utterly shocked at how well Atticus's shot was. Jem was completely out of it. He sat at Miss Maudie's steps “ in numb confusion” ( Lee 97 ) .   Miss Maudie also commented to Scout, “ Miss Maudie grinned wickedly,   “Well now Miss Jean Louise,” she said “ still think your father can't do anything?” ” ( Lee 98 ).   Atticus brings appeal to Scout and Jem because they never knew their father could shot. Secondly, Atticus's skill itself causes favorable attention or appeal. Miss Maudie comments, “ Forgot to tell you the other day that besides playing the Jew's Harp, Atticus Finch was the deadest shot in Maycomb county in his time.” ( Lee 98 ). Also   the fact that Atticus   hide his talent and never told Jem nor Scout attracts a lot of attention, curiosity, and speculation. Jem says “ “He never said anything about that, ” .” ( Lee 98 ) Scout tries to tell everyone, to bring attention, “When we went home I told Jem we'd really have something to talk about at school on Monday.” ( Lee 98 ), and Miss Maudie...


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