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Essay on Trees Are My Best Friends

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Essay on Trees Are My Best Friends

Trees are natural perennial plants commonly recognized for purifying the air and attracting rainfall. Some of the trees are grown by human beings while many of the trees go naturally. It is interesting living in a land covered by dense trees and I have always liked the atmosphere created by trees. I love trees because I understand their importance to our environment.

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There has been a continued debate to conserve trees because of their advantages to our living environment. Many organizations have been formed to help advice people on the importance of trees in our environment but all in vain. Human beings have continued to cut down trees. This paper therefore examines importance of trees, reasons why people cut down trees and what are the implications of deforestation to our environment.

Talk of the world’s most regular campaign and I will tell you the various campaigns to help conserve trees. There campaigns have regularly reminded individuals on the importance of trees and on the need to conserve the trees. I have also formed one agency which has helped several trips around the world to encourage people plant more trees. According to science, trees are associated to attracting rainfall. This greatly proves why the regions along the equatorials have heavy rainfall patterns. Trees are also known to conserve soil by: reducing the rate if soil erosion by holding the soil firm, conserving the soil fertility by supplying nitrogen in to the soil and by significantly contributing in the weathering process of soil by roots breaking up the soil structure. These are some of the benefits I have taught people of as I move round the world. These are also the positive benefits of trees i.e. the benefits that trees bring to us without us interrupting their lives.

As we were moving around the world, we asked people to explain to...


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