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Stress Symtoms

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Stress symptoms
We all experience stress in our daily lives all from different factors whether it may be our jobs, work, school, relationships, finances, etc.   Stress can be a significant burden on you both physically and emotionally. But, how can you tell when you are experiencing stress. Stress effects your body, your feelings and your behavior, some are obvious, but some may not be as noticeable or easy to detect until they become more severe. Stress symptoms often look like an illness partially due to the fact that stress lowers our immunity and makes us more vulnerable. How stress effects our mind and body is not the same throughout every person each person has their own unique way of how stress effects them. The most common symptoms of stress are feeling exhausted all the time, having massive headaches or Irritability, rapid weight loss or weight gain is also a symptom of stress and one of the most dangerous, most unnoticeable is losing control to addicted behaviors. (Elizabeth Scott, M.S., 2009)
Exhaustion, is a combination of physical and emotional exhaustion with the lack of rest, stress exhaustion can be highly debilitating. Stress exhaustion may cause people to feel overwhelmed or frustration by their surroundings, in some cases the feeling of helplessness also occurs. Exhaustion also has an affects on the immune system, which make the body’s first line of defense against illness weak. Stress exhaustion upsets the endocrine system therefore a high amount of hormones get released which then depresses the immune system. (What is Stress Exhaustion?, N.D.)
Headaches, Having problems, inadequate rest, Poor posture, Hunger, Fatigue, Anxiety, depression etc. are all factors to cause stress. Having a stress headache is when our muscles contract while muscle tension builds up in the neck and scalp. Feeling tightness, or pressure around the forehead or back of the head and neck are all common feelings of having a headache. Headaches may last from just ten...


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