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A Event That Changed My Whole Life

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Christianna Quick
Composition 109

The day of that changed my life. 9-11-2001 was a day from hell. I came home from work, and went to sleep like I normally do, everyday.   Then I got a phone call that would change my life, I looked around for the TV. controls. It was a terrible feeling, I dropped the phone. Plane number two hit the second world trade center, and there told us that we were under attack. I dropped to my knees and started to pray. How was I supposed to feel my daughter just got a job in the Bank inside that tower, she was on the 19th floor. My thoughts were to call her, I couldn’t get through, and all day we couldn’t get through. At 2:30 pm I was in my car on my way to New York to find my child.
My daughter wasn’t found until the next day, only 4 workers made it out of that floor she was on. Why god I asked why does this have to happen? We live in a world that I don’t understand. What happened that day is going to stay in my heart and mind forever and ever .People everywhere also will remember that day. My daughter remains in New York, and is married to a wonderful man, and has 2 young children. So everyday everyone states of each and everywhere lets hug our families and tell them how much we love them, we are not sure of we will see them again.
Will my child and others children get over the day that shook their world in one day? I hope they will, but if they are like my child it will still stay with them the rest of hers and my life forever. This changed my whole life; I would have not made it those few days if it was for the higher power of god. God watched over my child and many children on that day. A day that changed my life significantly.



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