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Emotional Disturbance (Rape Trauma Syndrome)

Acute stage
The acute stage occurs in the days or weeks after a rape. Durations vary as to the amount of time a survivor may remain in the acute stage. The immediate symptoms may last a few days to a few weeks and may overlap with the outward adjustment stage.
According to the American Physical Association there is no "typical" response amongst rape victims. However, the U.S. Rape Abuse and Incest National Network[7](RAINN) asserts that, in most cases, a rape survivor's acute stage can be classified as one of three responses: expressed ("He or she may appear agitated or hysterical, [and] may suffer from crying spells or anxiety attacks"); controlled ("the survivor appears to be without emotion and acts as if 'nothing happened' and 'everything is fine'"); or shock/disbelief ("the survivor reacts with a strong sense of disorientation. They may have difficulty concentrating, making decisions, or doing everyday tasks. They may also have poor recall of the assault"). Not all rape survivors show their emotions outwardly. Some may appear calm and unaffected by the assault.[2]
Behaviors present in the acute stage can include:
  * Diminished alertness.
  * Numbness.
  * Dulled sensory, affective and memory functions.
  * Disorganized thought content.
  * Vomiting.[8]
  * Nausea.
  * Paralyzing anxiety.
  * Pronounced internal tremor.
  * Obsession to wash or clean themselves.
  * Hysteria, confusion and crying.
  * Bewilderment.
  * Acute sensitivity to the reaction of other people.

The outward adjustment stage
Survivors in this stage seem to have resumed their normal lifestyle. However, they simultaneously suffer profound internal turmoil, which may manifest in a variety of ways as the survivor copes with the long-term trauma of a rape. In a 1976 paper, Burgess and Holmstrom note that all but 1 of their 92 subjects exhibited maladaptive coping mechanisms after a rape. The outward adjustment...


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