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The Factors Affecting Crushing Effect

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The water content of the materials surface have a certain influence on the smash effects. If the material water content not only having high water content  but also bring more muddy material in the live mining rotation process , in addition, the materials in live storage, transport and crushing, the production process, they are easily be jammed , blocked and caused the accident, so the   water content of the material is strictly controlled. Especially in the crushing operations, the material allows the highest moisture content (depending on material category), broken clay content have provisions in the model type and material. Material water content is usually limited to less than 10%, if the material water content is high, which will affect the storage of materials, transportation and crushed, you should use the following production process.    
Production process: using the crushing and dry joint production unit, the typical example is the phosphate rock grinding polyethylene with air swept mill and pulverized coal crushed fan grinding process are hot air through the mill. The grinder can be used hot air hammer crusher, ball mill, fan mill and plate mill. The role of the hot air side while the material dry, on the other hand will be dried, crushed finely ground material (products) to discharge the body, due to the material is crushed, its specific surface area increase, and the material live in the body will appear the condition of suspending, particle tables exposed outside,the dry effects is better, according to the process requirements ,the product water can be reduced to less than 1%.    
Investment in infrastructure and high production costs are high,this is due to the drying process is more complex, together with the wet ground, when the material moisture content is high, and grinding power of the production processes need to wet the material, such as flotation, wet magnetic separation and phosphate...


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