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Social Anxiety V. Shyness

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Social Anxiety Disorder vs. Shyness
How can someone tell if they have social anxiety disorder, or if it’s just shyness? While Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is often put off as shyness, it’s more extreme than shyness. Did you know that 1 out of 10 people have social anxiety disorder? Some may not even realize they have it, and it is misdiagnosed as shyness, and the social anxiety disorder is left untreated.   Some may just be content with it and choose not to do anything about it.
Here are some differences between social anxiety and shyness: Social Anxiety Disorder is defined as Everyday interactions that cause extreme fear and self-consciousness, while Shyness is defined as: Not at ease in the company of others. So they go hand in hand, shyness being the beginning stages of Social Anxiety.
Social Anxiety Disorder symptoms include but are not limited to:
  * Intensified fear of being in social situations where you don’t know anyone.   This can be anything from a meeting with friends, to going home for the holidays.
  * Worrying about embarrassing yourself. Let’s say you agree to a gathering with some of your friends for a night out to enjoy yourselves before a big event, such as graduation, and the plans are made and it’s for a few days away. Well, after the event is set, you begin to worry about the “what if’s”. Example: What if you make a joke and no one likes it, or makes fun of you?
  * Avoiding social gatherings or talking to others for fear of embarrassment or judgment. So the “what if’s” got the best of you and you call everyone up to let them know you aren’t going to be able to make it after all, and you make up an excuse on the cancellation.   Now you are worrying about if anyone is going to judge you for cancelling your attendance. Social Anxiety never rests.
  * Eluding being the center of attention.   So, you made it to a small gathering of maybe 3 or 4 friends for the night. You still feel nervous, but the point is you made it. Someone wants...


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