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Teachers Eligibility Test - Paper 2 i. Child Development and Pedagogy (Relevant to Age Group 11 – 14) UNIT I: Nature of Educational Psychology Definition of Psychology – Methods of Psychology – Branches of Psychology – Educational Psychology – Definition, Nature and Scope of Educational Psychology: The Learner, Learning Process, Learning Experience, Learning environment, Teacher and teaching – Significance of Educational Psychology to the teacher. Unit II: Human Growth and Development Interaction of Nurture and Nature. Concept, Distinction among Growth, Development and Maturation. General Principles of Growth and Development – Characteristics, Dimensions of Development – Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, Social and Moral – Phases of Development and Development tasks – Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence. UNIT III: Cognitive Development Cognitive Process, Attention –Factors relating to attention, Kinds of attention – Inattention, distraction and division of attention – Span of Attention. Sensation and Perception – Factors relating to Perception, Perceptual errors – Concept formation – Nature and Types of Concepts – Piaget’s stages of cognitive development – Bruner’s theory – Concept maps – Imagery – Language and Thinking – Reasoning and Problem Solving – Implications to the teacher. UNIT IV: Social, Emotional and Moral Development Social development – Factors of Social development – Social Maturity – Erikson’s stages of Social development – Emotional development – meaning – Positive and Negative emotions – Emotional control and maturity – Place of emotions in life –

Significance of Emotional Intelligence – Moral development – Kohlberg’s stages of Moral development. UNIT V: Learning Nature and importance of learning –Individual differences in learning – Learning Curves – Factors influencing the learning – theories of learning – Conditioning : Classical and Operant (Pavlov, Skinner), Trial and Error (Thorndike), Learning by Insight (Kohler) – Transfer of Learning –...


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