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"Money Is the Root of All Evil." How Far Do You Agree with This?

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Money is nothing but only a medium in a trade. Hence, I totally disagree that money is the root of all evil. Money itself is not an evil, it is harmless. In fact, evil comes from money users, that is, we, human beings.

Money is an object, a medium in a trade and it is harmless. It is labeled "evil" because of human beings - their evil thoughts and actions! Because of money, a lot of crimes occur like robbery, snatch, theft and burglary. People are willing to commit crimes mentioned because of their greed. They desire wealth, status and power. Laconically, the greed in people leads them to evil deeds, but not money.

It has been said that 'every man has his price'. This implies that everybody can be bribed, providing the price is high enough. Most countries can provide examples of financial corruption from the proud and rich to the humble and poor. Money can inculcate selfishness. It is often true that the more money a man piles up, the meaner he becomes, whereas the poor show the quality of generosity to a marked degree. Majority of crimes are committed for money, or loot, its equivalent, and we find that the love of money motivates these acts of greed.

On the contrary, modern standards of living depend greatly on money. Money can be used for the benefit of those in need and when rightly used, can and does improve the lot of ordinary people, whether in terms of food, clothing, houses and other basic necessities, or whether in terms of public services such as national defense, public health, hospitals and etcetera. In fact, without a steady flow of

private and public money, modern life is not sustainable. It can provide grace and beauty in the cities and towns in which we live.

Surely the crux of the matter is a person’s own attitude towards money. If he regards money as an end in itself, to be increased and amassed for its own sake, he is liable to become selfish and miserly, unconcerned about other people or their needs. If he sees money as a means...


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