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My Life

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PSY202: Adult Development and Life Assessment (ABB1226D)

Instructor:   Kristin Basinger

Monday, July 29, 2012
I. What was my family like?
a. Fathers was a preacher
b. Mom was never there
c. Only girl out of five kids
d. Greatest grandfather in the world
e. Very evil grandmother

II. What things do you remember about your childhood?
a. The good times with my father and grandfather
b. The family vacations
c. The death of my father and grandfather
d. My mother running away from home
e. Having to take care of my younger brothers
III. What was I like as a teenager?
a. Hateful
b. Single mom
c. A good student
d. Lonely
e. Mad at the world
IV. What are my greatest achievements so far?
a. My son
b. Raising my three younger brothers
c. Returning to school

Sara’s Roller Coaster Ride

My life has always felt like a rollercoaster with all of its ups and down, and spinning around and around. That pretty much describes my thirty-one years of life.   In this paper I will explain why I feel like this by discussing what my family was like, what I remember about my child hood (good and bad), what I was like as a teenager, and what I feel are my greatest achievements are so far in life.   This is my life.
To understand me or my life you have to know what my family was like.   I was born on October 29, 1979 to a very loving father.   Of course, my mom gave birth to me but she wouldn’t be around all that much afterwards.   I was my father’s first child and my mother’s second. I was what you would call my father’s angel and my mom’s devil.   I would later become the only girl in the family, including what my aunt and uncle had, I was it.   My father and mother were from two totally different worlds.   My father was a southern preacher, while my mom’s side of the family was on the other side of the track.   So we got to see the good life and not so good life.   I loved my father and he loved me, and I will...


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