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Wireless Sensor Network for Home - Care System Using Zig Bee

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The Wireless Sensor Network for Home-Care System Using ZigBee
Mao-Cheng Huang, Jyun-Ciang Huang, Jing-Cyun You, Gwo-Jia Jong
Department of Electronic Engineering,
National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Kaohsiung, 807 Taiwan, ROC
E-mail:ee2a29@yahoo.com.tw, gjjong@cc.kuas.edu.tw

In this paper, we presented the wireless sensor
networks (WSN) to observe the human physiological
signals by ZigBee, which is provided with lower power
consumption, small volume, high expansion, stylization
and two-way transmission, etc. ZigBee is generally
used for home care, digital home control, industrial
and security control. This paper developed a suite of
home care sensor network system by ZigBee’s
characteristic, which is embedded three sensors
(temperature sensor, humid sensor, and light sensor).
It is attached to other sensors, such as the biosensor
for observe heart rate and blood pressure. We
implemented Panasonic EW3035 blood pressure
monitor to measure heart rate and blood pressure. The
biosensor transmits measured signals via ZigBee, and
then sends to the remote wireless monitor for
acquiring the observed human physiological signals.
The remote wireless monitor is constructed of ZigBee
and personal computer (PC). The measured signals
send to the PC, which can be data collection,
analyzing and statistic. When the measured signals
over the standard value, the personal computer sends
Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM)
short message to the manager. The manager can use
the PC or personal digital assistant (PDA) to observe
the observed human physiological signals in the
remote place.

1. Introduction
In recent years, the world is facing a common
problem that the number of elderly people is increasing
[1]. Hence, the problem of home-care for elderly
people is very important. In recently, wireless sensor
networks are used to structure home-care system in
many researches.
Wireless sensor networks application for...


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