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School Social Work Interventions with the Special Needs Children

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Evaluation Plan:
          “Power through Choices Life Skills Training” program, is a self- efficacy based intervention to empower adolescent girls living in foster care and independent living programs to make the right choices involving risky sex. Participants who receive this curriculum will increase their sexuality expectations, attitudes, perceptions and self-esteem toward sexual responsibility. Participants will gain the use of practice making healthy sex choices related to various lifestyles and adhering to those choices. The girls who take this curriculum will develop more positive social sexuality expectations (i.e. social pressures to have sex,), develop more positive self sexuality to have sex, (i.e. personal attitude about having sex and increase personal receptiveness, (i.e., likelihood of diseased transmitted and consequences of sexual activity. The prevalence of sexual activity and the frequency of contraceptives used among early adolescent girls will also be examined, (Graves, Senter, Workman & Mackey, 2011, p. 463).
          The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of a comprehensive sex education program among females in out of home placement. This program is tailored to meet their needs concerning safer sex. A safer sex intervention stresses condom use and concerned health issues relating to risky sex. Safer sex interventions can reduce HIV, STD’s, and may be especially effective with sexually experience adolescents that may have longer lasting effects. The program design calls for adopting a group of teen girls in foster care and then sticking with them for one year. This will be implemented by program providers including group home counselors to identify the sequence of changes among participants that would occur as a result of the program’s activity. This design is a randomized control trail with 3, 6 and 12 month follow ups.
          The mission...


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