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Mass Customization of Management Information System

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Management information system






Management information systems broadly refer to computerized systems that provide managers with tools to perform their managerial functions (Shajan, & priyadarshini, 2004).   In order to predict, provide present and past information, Management information system can include software that help in decision making, hardware resources, databases, network resources, and human resource.
Management information systems have found application in many fields. Some of them include; accounting, financial and manufacturing sector. This paper seeks to expound the diverse application of management information system in various fields.
Customization of MIS
Management information systems in Accounting
Accounting reports are shared across the management hierarchy and, therefore, management of these reports is a decisive factor in establishing efficiency and effectiveness of accounting department. Software in use here includes SQL systems and other management systems used in managing accounting files.
Management information systems in Financial Sector
The head financial officer needs current and historical financial activities and uses this information to predict future financial needs. This information is also used to monitor and control financial uses. All this information is generated by management information system. Cost estimation is a powerful management concern; these estimates help in cost justified proposals, schedule and control of Management information.
Management information systems in Manufacturing
Manufacturing sector has been impacted more than any other functional area of an organization when it comes to technology and thus giving rise to changes in manufacturing operations. Some changes include just in time provision of inventories so that less or no expense is incurred for warehousing inventories. All this is made possible by making use of...


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