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Ten Tips Offered for Cone Crusher Operation

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Henan Daswell machinery is professional rock and mineral manufacturer and supplier in China. We supplied all kind of Crushing, grinding, sand making and beneficiation plants with advanced technology and good services. Now our technical experts give some suggestions about cone crusher machine operation.

1. When cone crusher is operating, even feeding should be delivered. If the feeding is uneven, production capacity will be reduced, product granularity is too big, spring action is frequent, pressure of bowl-shaped bearing is high, energy consumption is increasing.

2. Iron removing device must be installed to prevent from iron overload. If iron overload is frequent, it will probably cause axis failure accident.

3. Full capacity must be realized, otherwise, product granularity is over rough.

4. Distribution of crushing ratio of production line must be reasonable, so as to give full play to maximum crushing efficiency

5. Spring pressure can not be too tight, over pressure will cause off-axis accident occurred. If pressure is over low, spring will bounce frequently, which will affect the normal operation of crusher, and product granularity is becoming rough.

6. Lubricating oil temperature cannot be too high or too low, otherwise, it will affect normal operation of the machine.

7. Lubricating oil must be often changed, which can not be too dirty, otherwise, it will cause increasing of abrasion for gear, bowl-shaped tile, sleeve, even failure.

8. Conveyor belt must not be installed too tight, otherwise, it will cause shaft is not flexible or broken; must not be too loose, or it will cause crusher stop working.

9. Feeding material can not be too sticky or too wet, fine particle can not be too much or too big, otherwise, it will cause crusher stop working.

10. Material stacking in discharge gate of cone crush will also cause crusher stop working.


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