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Why Heterosexual Men Hate Homosexual Men?

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From educated to illiterate today everyone knows about the homosexual community, big thanks to media and movies that made it possible. Well some support this community and some hate this community. This homosexual community is seriously looking out for more visibility and acceptance and that is completely justified as they are humans first than anything else. Well not everyone treat human as human and specially in today’s lifestyle where things have become so complicated , people cannot hold trust and sacrifice , they enjoy fostering there ego and vanity which creates problems in understanding.

Well it my be easy to understand the normal issues of society but talking bout homosexuality even educated people behave backwardly when it comes to this issue as not every one is broad minded. Well it’s a fact that homosexuality is not new its coming from the history and even homosexuality traits are visible in animals, it’s a new species which prefer same sex.

Well some heterosexuals on one side label homosexuality as a disease and in return homosexual communities have proof and evidences which showcase there honesty and right in the society. Well being totally frank and impartial, everyone cooks there own bread and nobody is interfering in someone’s affairs so there is no point in creating restrictions to homosexuals as every human has right to live and prosper, its true they are different so is there lifestyle and people really take time to adopt to any change but targeting homosexuals and calling them insane and abnormal is totally madness as heterosexuals do not have any evidence which showcase there abnormality.

Well there are thousands of reasons which support the verdict of heterosexuals as well as homosexuals , I guess soon there would be reservation on the basis of orientation too , well hope that day comes , at least some will be benefited.

Well there are some cases which create the feeling of hatred towards homosexual community by...


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