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‘It Is Our Relationships with Others That Help to Define Us.’

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In trying to make sense of ourselves we often look to others and our relationships with them to aid us.   Our first relationships are with our family.   Their influence is often paramount to our self- definition.   These relationships can give us a sense of who we are and where we have come from and it is often comforting to know we are part of something bigger.   Often these relationships are positive, but they can also be negative.   Being rejected by our family is not desirable but it can have a tremendous impact on who we are and how we live our lives.   It can test our strength of character.   As we move through to adulthood and start to gain a greater insight into who we are, we often look to others outside the family and they too can have a lasting influence on us.   The people we encounter and the experiences we share with them are crucial to our development as individuals.   We need to navigate these relationships carefully as we balance our individualism with conforming to keep those around us happy.
Our family strongly influence the sense of who we are and our behavior, family is a part of who we are. What we first connect with is our parents and our family. What our parents said and what they did will influence our behaviour. Scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg, his father is a famous Physicist, when Warburg was young his father always told him some stories about other famous scientist and when his father had discussed with other scientist he will let Warburg join them. What his father did influence Warburg let him interested in science and finally become a famous Scientist. In the film Skin, Sandra’s father Abraham told Sandra ‘Never give up’ and he never gave up reclassify Sandra made   her to be white. All of these influence Sandra, even though she was left him nearly 30 years, Sandra still remembered and did as what he said. It made her try to connected with her mother even though she never get her mother write back and Petrus was angry about this, but she never...


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