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What Hath God Wrought

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What Hath God Wrought

    American history or any history in particular, happens like a chain reaction. One event influences another, and the cycle keeps continuing. What Hath God Wrought explains how America went through these series of events (from 1815 to 1848), and how the actions of the people lead to the future of the United States. Chapters four, five and nine explain to us different times in American history, and how they are interlinked with each other. It explains unambiguously how the cotton industry can eventually lead to the awakening of religion, which ultimately plays a role in politics. Each of these times begin at one point, and here the cotton industry starts with the Industrial Revolution.

    The Industrial Revolution was a time in America where industry boomed, factories opened, and machines were created. One important part of the Industrial Revolution was the production of cotton, since a majority of southern people owned farms. Cotton revolutionized the way people made a living. Chapter four analyzes the effect cotton had on the United States, and more importantly, the effect it had on the economy.
    As mentioned in the book, after the war of 1812, Americans began to migrate to different areas of the country. Many of them went to the 14 million acres from the Creeks. Andrew Jack previously sent out a topographical engineer to survey the area, and the engineer reported back saying the land was extremely fertile. Almost immediately while settles journeyed to these areas, not knowing what these lands might bring in the future. The people who traveled to this area were all different. They ranged from rich, poor, speculators, squatters, slaveholders, slaves, non-slave holders, single men, single women, and even families. The people who wanted to settle in these areas had a lot to gain and profit, especially because of the prices the acres were offered at.

    The territory filled up quickly, many of the settlers...


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