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Movie Critique

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Stephen Ball
Mrs. Schiller
Film Lit
September 5, 2012

Transformers Dark-side of the Angle
What is cinematography? Well cinematography is really just how films make different scenes and moments stand out. Transformers Dark of the Moon by Michael Bay is a movie that shows great cinematography. It includes everything to using high angles, low angles, and medium shots. Almost every scene takes advantage of the use of multiple angles and shots that give it that cool effect that movie goers look for.
There are a lot of good scenes to choose from, but one main scene that stands out the most is the final battle. During the battle, the producers show so many angles and colors to catch the viewer’s eye so people are drawn in feeling as though they are in the middle of the battle. The lighting during this scene changes between high key, high contrast lighting to low key lightening without the watcher, even realizing that the change took place because it blends the film together to make it look good.   Without these angles, colors, or shots, the movie would be dull. The final battle has amazing cinematography it’s hard to choose one.
During the final battle the producers show the evil robot at first in a low angle, depicting that at the time he was the robot that was in power. Color symbolism can be seen in this shot. The evil robot is red helping to show the idea that he is the aggressive, evil, dangerous robot in the scene. Director Michael Bay was able to use the low angle view and the color contrasts in this scene to show that the bad, or other known as the Decepticons were winning, they were in a position of power. The good or other known as the Autobots were losing the battle so the producers put the camera at a high angle to show that they were helpless. Optimus displays a lot of the color blue in his marking showing his tranquil nature, yet he also has the color red showing his willingness and duty to also be able to fight to the death for what he believes to...


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