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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

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It takes a village to raise a child – The education of our children is the task of the community as a whole, not merely the province of teachers and local school administrators.
Topic 1
It takes a village to raise a child - It surely does. Education, from the time of the primitive Homo sapiens, has been an integral part in acquiring knowledge - be it practical or theoretical. Man has learnt a lot from pure observations, like the discovery of gravity by Newton from the fall of a small apple. But, in the due course of time, the six-sensed human has confined the art of acquiring knowledge within four walls of the classrooms equipped with a school of well trained teachers. There is a responsibility of imparting education to the children, a big percent of which falls on the shoulders of the teachers and the so called school administrators. Apart from the knowledge imparted to them thro' books by their teachers, the practicality of life and moral values are more than essential to complete the circle of education - this integral intelligence can be imparted only by the community around him or her. For instance, a child can learn hard work from his father, patience and love from his mother. Not only the parents, but also the community who surround the child should share the responsibility of enlightening him with the knowledge of differentiating things- which is good and which is not. As a well established fact, teachers are under a heavy pressure to force the scientific, technological, historical data into the brains of young minds. Few schools consider teaching values and morals, that too not being taken up by the child effectively. Only the society can make up a child into a fully grown adult mentally, by impinging values and the knack to tackle any kind of hardship in life. An alarming fact put forth by many is that the so called society which has to impart quality education to the children, instead of doing their rightful task, is guiding many in the delusive path....


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