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1. What is gender stereotype? Relate or apply the concept to your own experience.
Gender stereotype is what people generally believe to be typical behaviors for a male and a female. And it is obvious in every culture. Most culture always thinks that being a pilot, engineer, etc. is suited only for males, while being a teacher, nurse, etc. is only for females. Gender stereotype also dictates how an individual should move according to his or her gender. Like women should be in the kitchen, only doing light stuffs, while men should be the one working and doing the heavy stuffs. And I’ve experienced gender stereotype when I become a staffer in one of the events in school. Since I am in logistics, my duty is to do errands, but since I was a girl, they only assigned me in light stuffs like closing and opening the doors which I didn’t enjoy at all, and I felt that I was underestimated. So I disagree with gender stereotype where the girl should do the light stuffs even though she has the ability to do the heavy stuffs.

  2. Relate the experience of Felipe to your own life experiences.
Felipe is like any other teenager. He wants to be independent, he wants to try and learn new things and he also has friends with the same interests as his. Felipe doesn’t like to share problems with his parents because of the fear of getting punished, so he just tell it to other people, like his trainer. Felipe also wants to solve his own problems without getting help from anyone. When it comes to moral judgments, he doesn’t care about it, he just want to do his own business. So just like Felipe, I also want to try and learn new things, I also want to be independent, and I also befriend people whom I share interest with and whom I know that will be there for me. But unlike Felipe, I share some of my problems to my parents because I know they can give me advices which I can use in solving my problems.

  3. What do you think is the importance or the significance of Dr. Marian...


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