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How to Be a Good Citizenship

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What being a
responsible Malaysian
Citizen means to me!
Anyone can be a responsible citizen, no matter how old you are. Being
a responsible Malaysian citizen is very important because we can make Malaysia
a better place to live in . How can we get good citizen in our country , first you
start off one at a time, by being a good citizen yourself, and by inviting good
citizens .
A good citizen has many characteristics. One of them is to protect
the environment. Just like how you treat people and how you treat the
environment. Also, a good citizen will always respect one another. If you never
offer someone basic respect or kindness, you cannot expect them to do the
same. So we have to respect them to gain their respect. Another way to be a
good citizen is to contribute to society whenever you can. As a Malaysian, we
should be patriotic to our country. We should appreciative for what Malaysia
has given us. Our country has provided us a home, a family and a life. However,
some unfortunate Malaysians are not as lucky as us. As a responsible citizen,
we should try to help them in every way we can, like through donations.
Listening to our leaders is also an example of good citizenship. We can do that
by not breaking the laws. We citizens must respect them for all they have
sacrificed for Malaysia.
Part of being a good citizen is ensuring you do your part which is
saving the environment. Besides that , it is everyone’s duty to live as
environmentally friendly. There are many ways we can save our world. First of
all, we must not litter. Litter does not only make our country look unsightly but
also produce an awful stench which is harmful to people and wildlife. It can also
cause injuries to pest animals such as rats, mice and seagulls as well as the
spread of germs and disease. So instead of throwing rubbish on the ground
why not throw it into the recycle bins which are provided instead . Moreover ,
we can also save the Earth by reduce, reuse,...


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