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Time vs Money

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Time vs money

        I walked down street without knowing where to go. “Hi Jessica, what are you doing here alone?” I asked her. Jessica was the person I like the most since the first day I entered the University of Auckland. She is beautiful with long blonde hair, sky blue eyes,   pink lips like blossom roses and always look gorgeous wherever she go. But she only befriend with people who comes from wealthy family. I got scholarship because of my good results. I was born in poor family. All the money that I got from the scholarship, I used for my studies and also for my daily expenses.
          Jessica just ignored me and left me there without saying anything. I ran after her and said, “Jessica lets hang out with me. I’ll pay for all the expenses”.
She turns over to me and said, “Do I know you? Don’t you ever dare to come closer to me. I don’t mix your ‘kind’”. She walked away with full of arrogance. What kind was she talking about? It was just because I was less fortunate than her.
          I kicked empty Coca-cola bicarbonate tin and suddenly it hit someone who looked like a salesman. “I’m so sorry. Please accept my apology”. He said, “That’s alright. Oh, why did you look so sad?” asked that man. I told him that I was bored living in this world where money is everything to everyone and didn’t know what to do with all the time that I have. He asked me whether I wanted to sell my or not. “If I can sell my time, I will sell all of it. Without money, I didn’t know what to do”, I said. “Are you sure wanted to sell your time? Then, follow me.
          I just follow him and thought that his idea was ridiculous. I did not believe him. There was no such thing as time machine. I followed him to one room in the Time Power Shop. I saw a chair there like at the dentist and a gigantic machine beside the chair. He asked me again whether I really want to sell my time. I laughed at him and said that he was crazy. The only thing that I think was the money he offered...


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