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“a Personalised Induction Will Always Be More Effective”

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“A personalised induction will always be more effective”  

In this essay I will attempt to demonstrate why a personalised induction will always be a more effective way of achieving the optimum level of hypnosis with a client. I will also discuss the different types of modalities, induction styles and the many methods used in which to tailor a script/screed to meet the particular needs, and more importantly, personality of the patient.

Belief is the most important element in any induction. The client must first believe that change can come about and have the necessary motivation to enact that profound
change. The effectiveness of the hypnotic state depends upon the willingness
of the client to participate and continue maintenance of the process. The therapist is only the guide leading a client into his own inner journey. Therefore, a flexible, creative approach toward the induction process will make it more effective and by adapting it to suit the personality, temperament of the client and to the progress being made. The therapist should ask questions regarding the client’s views on hypnosis, so as to ascertain the best way to approach the session; by making sure they are fully aware of what is involved so that they feel more at ease. The client may be afraid of self-exposure and loss of control so he must be made aware that he is in total control of the session and free to decide what happens and where it goes. This fear/apprehension might inhibit the effectiveness of the session and prevent the client from entering a hypnotic state and
so should be re-assured that they will remember everything - except what they do not don’t want to, if it too distressing, they will just choose to not remember it. Clients are usually surprised that they are alert, able to speak and are fully aware.

The key factors that are involved in an induction session are relaxation, expectation, compliance, imagination and   selective attention. To best facilitate...


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