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Juliet: a Failed Journey

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Juliet: A Failed Journey

In the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, the protagonist, Juliet, fails to achieve her potential to love in a mature manner. At the beginning of the play, Juliet uses her character traits of maturity and rationality, as well as her mentors to respond to the events in her life wisely.   However, she develops some immaturity as the play progresses, which leads her to make rasher and irrational decisions influenced by her mentors, and starts to move away from society. Her choice not to stop the continuation of her immature and irrational decisions isolates her from society and impedes on her potential to love maturely. Ultimately, Juliet’s character traits and poor choices negatively affect her decisions, leading to her movement away from society which results in her inability to reach her potential of loving in a mature manner.

Although Juliet lacks experience interacting in society at the outset, she rationally and maturely responds to the events that occur wisely, with the help of her mentors. She does not interact with anyone outside her household and is very sheltered by her mentors – her parents and Nurse. She is hardly well informed of the feud between her family and the Montagues, and stays very uninvolved, unlike the rest of her family. This shows that she does not play a huge part in society and is very inexperienced in interacting with others outside of her family, which later affects her decision-making.   Juliet still responds to the events in her life maturely, even though she lacks experience in society.   Juliet agrees to try to love Paris, a man her parents see fit to be her husband.   She tries to please her parents and fulfill their wishes maturely.   Her willingness to obey her parents at her young age shows her ability to integrate into society as a mature citizen. Also, Juliet is able to respond to her mentors rationally.   At the party where she first meets Romeo, he proposes to her, but Juliet rejects him...


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