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What Is the Role of Crime and Politics in India ?

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the impact of crime & politics in india

Well crime can be in any form and no matter where you live crime exists and develops in a dramatic way. Sometimes we people are responsible for the development and discovery of crime and sometimes the circumstances favor the crime and the criminal’s intentions. Well no matter where you go the most common reasons of committing crime is money and money is interconnected to every need and every desire.

People can say no to god but they cannot say no to money, like other severe addictions, Money is also like a drug which creates addiction. Billions of us surround our life around money, for us values and sentiments have no place but money is certainly having a good position in our hearts. No matter you believe it or not every year millions suffer from negative events and violence in shape of murder, rape, robbery, assault and exploitation. The criminal activities are so common that it seem like an every day normal affair for everyone. From the cops to the politicians nothing is serious and severe, some do work hard and consider there duty and there responsibilities but most of them are distracted by money.

The public contains variety of people, some are culprits, some are innocent and some are mixture of both and it’s really tough to create an atmosphere of discipline in the society specially when the politicians and the cops are busy in taking bribes. There is no sincerity and no respect among people towards the system and the government. The government and the current political parties has created there image as the worst leaders in town. They are not concerned with the development of people and development of the country. There thinking is not optimistic and they are only compelled to take useless decisions due to the burden of rich businessmen and criminals.


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