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Let's Learn Something About Feeder

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Feeder can be divided into vibrating grizzly feeder, China vibrating feeder, disk feeder, pendulum feeder, chute feeder, electric-magnetic vibrating feeder and so on, which is an economic and technical advanced feeding equipment, and feeder has the following features: (1) small size, light weight, simple and compact structure; (2) easy for installation and maintenance, low operating costs; (3) high efficiency ability to feed; (4) low noise, good to improve work environment; (5) low power consumption, high power factor; (6) can work in the resonance state, and stable amplitude, reliable operation, adaptability to a variety of materials; (7) adjust the eccentric block can easily step-less adjust feeding amount. Simple structure, uniform feeding, continuous performance, adjustable exciting force; subject to change and control   flow, easy to operate; eccentric block as vibration source, low noise, low power consumption, good regulating performance, no material clashing; the enclosed body can prevent dust and pollution, stable vibration, reliable, long life; exciting force and control flow can be adjusted and changed at any time, stable and easy to adjust; vibration motor as vibration source, regulate performance is good, no red material phenomenon. The vibrating feeder structures are simple and easy to operate without moist, small power consumption, evenly adjust to the amount of ore. Therefore, has been widely used in loose material.

    Configuration shall be designed with minimize material tank pressure according to the requirements of the equipment performance, as required by manufacturer, bunker effective discharge port shall not be greater than one-fourth of the slot width, and material flow speed shall be controlled between 6 -18m/min. For larger feeding capacity materials, discharge of the silo bottom shall be set with a sufficient height mine preventing board; and mine preventing board shall not be fixed in the tank to avoid affecting the performance of the...


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