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A Certain Order

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Everything has an order; the order of nature, the order in a court even home economics that teaches us that within each household, there must be a certain order. It is thus not surprising that in this modern world of business and commerce, order is important. In order to maintain this order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of any resource, there must be a leader; the manager .Robbins , Bergman , Stagg & Coulter (2009) define a manager as someone who coordinates and oversees the work of the other people so that organisational goals can be accomplished. According to Robert L. Katz , managers need three essential skills which are technical , human and conceptual (Robbins et al., 2009). A manager from top level management was interviewed to identify if Katz’s three managerial skills are relevant to the management work of this manager.

Let us consider the following example .A manager known as Mr.S, is a managing director of the Company X which is a medium sized organisation with not more than 45 employees. Company X focuses on producing beverages and was established in year 1982. Mr.S operates at the top level management. Mr.S’s managerial tasks include setting out strategic directions for the organisation to ensuring the organisation goals are achieved and also monitoring his workers efficiency as well as welfare.
According to Peterson and Van Fleet (2004) , conceptual skills are the ability to see the organisation as a whole or to have a systemic viewpoint. Being the leader of the organisation, Mr.S explains that it is very important for his organisation to remain competitive and must always keep in track with other beverage companies so that he can maintain his market share and competitiveness. Mr.S is thus responsible for establishing strategies for the organisation. Mr.S needs the ability to see the organisation as a whole in order to accomplish his goals. This shows that Mr.S has conceptual skills.
Mr.S has rated 4 in the questionnaire for his...


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