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Atomic Bomb - 1

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Lily Q. 3.11.12

      The dropping of the atomic bomb over two major Japanese cities was and is a highly controversial topic. Some didn’t approve because it would mean the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. Others fully supported it because they felt it was a necessary factor in getting Japan to surrender. This essay will strive to find and uncover both these areas.
      The author provides many good reasons why the atomic bombs were justified. He starts by defending Roosevelt’s bloodthirstiness. Many years ago, Roosevelt objected to the killing of civilians, believing it to be immoral and inhuman. But after the attack at Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt “succumbed to the passions of war”. This change of heart was “inevitable” because people started to consider the civilian as a part of the war effort, thus making them a legitimate and rightful target. The reasons behind Roosevelt’s decision are correct and make sense. While not specifically concerning the atomic bombs, this chunk justifies Roosevelt’s opinions on bombing the common people. Also, the author mentions that the high estimates for casualties were “challenged as far too pessimistic, but not by anyone who had been in combat against the Japanese”. The ruthlessness of the Japanese had already been brought up before so this statement is correct and justifies for the proposed high number of casualties. The honor code is also brought up, with the author saying that “surrender was not a problem of calculations of men and resources but of honor and dishonor. The Japanese’s severe loyalty to their emperor prevented them from surrendering early on. In order to get them to surrender, the Americans would’ve needed a way that would annihilate hundreds of them, giving the emperor no option but to surrender. The atomic bomb was that way. If the bomb wasn’t used, the war would’ve dragged on for much longer, resulting in many more deaths on both sides. The bomb was used to save the eventual...


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