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Begin to Be What You Will Be Hereafter

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Five books that changed my life
Books are really great friends of ours. They give us basic knowledge of our life. Since olden times they have been the real partners of human beings. They have always been proven to be a source of knowledge and learning .Though silent and non-living but even then the company provided by them is beyond praise and incomparable. Books have always been good companions in both good and bad phases of life of people. They are the same for both rich as well as poor. Close company with books and reading them dedicatedly with interest adds a lot to our knowledge. Books are of many types and it is the interest of an individual which he finds the most interesting to spend time with. Some love reading novels, some likes current magazines and some are fond of articles related books. Library is considered as the temple of books from olden times. Lover of books finds calm and a quiet environment to interact with the books effectively there.
I love reading novels which have all senses of humors. It can have any modes in its way. Many books inspired me a great but to every being only some are their best. I love ghost stories. I love biography also. I wish I would have a library of my own in which I could be always and read my favourite books. I really got inspired by the autobiography of Anne Frank in “The diary of a young girl: Anne Frank” which includes her feelings in the years of her teenaged life. It was the best- selling book soon after the completion on the Second World War. It describes the crime over Jews at that time and the feelings of a young girl over that. The book says when they shifted to a hiding in the “Secret Annexe” and suffered a lot over there with no freedom but to be in a same place without any moving from the house. The book portraits her courage. It shows how the war degraded the human feelings and spirits. It describes her courage of passing her years from thirteen to fifteen which are the most swift change years for every...


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