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Muhammad Ali - 1

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Muhammad Ali
Cassius Clay also known as Muhammad Ali was a great boxer with a mindset for success.   Muhammad was born January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky and is still alive today.   He brought to the ring a new era of boxing, no one could move the way he can and his own words he would always “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”   The way Muhammad danced around the ring made him seem untouchable.
Growing up Muhammad Ali had no plans of becoming a world famous boxer.   The day his bike got stolen was the day he was determined to fight and win.   Ali started out sparring and training in the local gym, on his way to the top. He was in a little league boxing tournament winning every fight with ease, but Ali hadn’t reached his full potential.   Ali’s trainers said they had never seen someone so determined and skilled at such a young age, which got the word spread throughout the neighborhood.
It was February 1964, in Miami Beach, Florida when Muhammad Ali had one of his most challenging fights against Sonny Liston for the heavyweight title.   Everyone figured it would be a breeze for Liston until the bell sounded; both fighters got up and wasted no time to start fighting.   Liston was throwing punches every direction with great power, but Muhammad dancing around the ring dodged everything that came his way counter punching with powerful hits.   When the fourth and fifth rounds came around Ali had been temporarily blinded, but managed to stay in the fight by moving away from his opponent.   The sixth round came and the referee stopped the fight because Liston was cut very badly and couldn’t continue being hit like that. Although Muhammad won the fight some people believed the Mob made a deal with Sonny so he would lose because it was nearly impossible to believe a young boxer like that beat Sonny Liston who was one of the greatest boxers out there.
1979 was the year Ali announced his retirement from his boxing career, leaving his fight record at fifty-nine...


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