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Litterary Analyis on Beowulf

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Thesis Statement: There are 5 deadly sins used in the book and the most significant ones are Jealousy, Vengeance, and Greed,
Grendel, His mother and the dragon all have something in the book that makes them evil. Each of what Grendel, his mother and the dragon symbolize is the deadly sins from the bible, now there 5 used in the book but there are 3 that are really significant in the book those would be Jealousy, Vengeance, and Greed, now why are these so significant well if you continue to read you will learn why. There are 5 deadly sins used in the book and the most significant ones are Jealousy, Vengeance, and Greed.
1st major point: Jealousy
The whole reason Grendel went through and killed everyone in Herot is because he was jealous of the knights of Herot. Grendel didn't live a life people want to have—banished, rejected, alone, hated. He was constantly reminded of his pain and misery by the joyful people of Herot. That is the reason he killed Hrothgar's friends. Grendel was jealous of the people who weren't banished by God. He was seeking their life, and took their life instead of changing his life. If only Grendel had spent time trying to change his own life instead of terrorizing everyone and killing them then he would have had a better life but instead he decide to be the “green monster” and killed and terrorized everyone, just imagine Grendel might have had friends if he had decided to be nice and kind about not having the life he wanted to have, it’s never good to be jealous of what others had. He shouldn’t have been jealous especially when there was probably some other monster out there that had it worse than he did.
The 2nd main point: Vengeance
      Now even though Grendel’s mother doesn’t go and kill anyone and everyone after her son dies she does get mad that the Danes killed her son and she becomes vengeful and decides to take matters into her own hands by killing the king’s best friend. Grendel’s mother represents vengeance. Grendel’s mother...


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