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Frequently Asked Interview Questions
  1) Tell /Describe about yourself ( you will be asked this 90% )
ANS: I am extrovert, honest, intelligent, adventurous   person. I love my family and friends as they are my support.
  2) Why did you choose IT?
ANS:I am good in programming and all computer related stuff from start. From very starting I use to thought how it works and what all we can do with it. I am pretty good gamer too! I choose IT because I love computers.
  3) How do you think you can fair well in a software field?
  As I have earlier said I am good in programming and love computer and I believe in myself I will do well.
  4) Which is your field of interest? (Based on the field of interest ,the student was questioned on the same)
My field of interest is development of software and application.
  5) What according to you are the qualities of a leader?
Leader is a person who is capable to lead group together. He must take good decision and be extrovert, should coordinate with the entire group and handle problem efficiently.
  6)   What is e-learning?
e-learning means learning through the internet. Today we don’t need to buy big books. All are available on net so we can refer and learn through them.
  7)   Do you think internet is the basic necessity of life?
Yes I think internet has become basic necessity of life. Whole world has come closer through it and there is so much to learn from it. Its vast sea of knowledge and information.
  8)   Can you work under pressure (better give example of a situation where u had to work under pressure)?
Our whole life we have been giving exams where we are pressurized by teachers , parents   to score well. That’s why I am trained to work under pressure.
  9) Why should we hire you into our organization
I am innovative and good programmer so I will definitely work   good and make your organization better.
  10) What are your strengths & weakness?
My strength is my understanding capabilities, my...


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