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Rerum Novarum and Corruption

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David Gresham
Mr. France
Religion IV, 4 pd.
September 18, 2012
Rerum Novarum
Rerum Novarum (On the New Thing) written by Pope Leo XIII is a text that discusses the relationships and mutual duties between work, wealth, the government and its citizens.   Throughout the text Pope Leo sets out to respond to the social conflict that has just recently begun due to the start of the industrialization, leading to the rise of socialism.   The Pope taught that the role of the state is to promote social justice and equality and that the church should speak out on social issues in order to teach the correct principles to ensure an even flow throughout all stretches of society.   “
In protecting the rights of private individuals, however, special consideration must be given to the weak and the poor.   For the nation, as it were, of the rich, is grounded by its own defenses and is in less need of governmental protection, whereas the suffering multitude, without means to protect itself, relies especially on the protection of the state.”
The pope realizes this as a problem because the rich till always be rich and taken care of, it it is the majority, the poor that need the churches help/   Rerum Novarum expresses the recognition of the poor and how they should be taken into account during social issues.  

Many of the values expressed in Rerum Novarum are also highly present in the Church today, even in America and how we choose to view and value our way of life.   The media hides and shuns the poor and the rich are always in the spotlight.   I feel that this concept of equality among the people is extremely important when governing a nation.   Today on television especially because of the upcoming Presidential Elections, our economy is in the spotlight.   One candidate is currently stressing to build the middle class and be as fair as possible financially and social all the way across the board in terms of distribution of the wealth, rights and freedoms among all American....


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