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Asain American

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The fundamentals of being an eight year old child, many adults think of: carefree, vigorous, jaunty, and youthful. Not many think of an eight year old child being the only source of communication for her parents. She, being the only source to keeping her family with the American culture as she grows, while her parents are faithful to their own culture; a culture with little educational background, an agricultural lifestyle with no interest in the advancements of technology. Growing up as an Asian American was a journey full of discipline, dedication and hardships. I had parents that knew little English and had 4 children, with myself being the oldest. The Asian culture is a ‘check list’ to how that child would be able to grow up properly. I learned to speak English at the late age of 6, I learned to cook at 8, and how to take care of my growing siblings at the ripe age of 9. If the doctor, dentist, or school office would call, I was the only person they were able to talk too. Making appointments and asking questions was my immense responsibility to my family.
I learned to adjust to both the Asian culture, and the American culture and adapt to the morals and fundamentals, I used that knowledge to apply both cultures to my life. I was jealous, growing up; I knew the other children had parents that were able to help them with homework, while I was at home struggling by my lonesome. I wanted help from the teachers, from my peers but I worked hard to keep from explaining why I was not able to ask my parents for help. I hated the idea of being looked down on, or pitied. My pride got in my way studies, as for my responsibilities at home. I struggled but I always found a way to suffice in my studies, I never gave up on trying to be praised by my parents. With the existing responsibilities I already had, I was also struggling with my feelings, with achieving my parent’s approval and acceptance as their child that tries to make them happy and proud every step she makes....


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