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Sex used to be a taboo thing in Vietnam , as well as most Oriental countries . As you guys know , our ancestors never mentioned this topic . They considered Sex and sexual intercourse to be private and instictive matters . They didn't want their children to know anything about it too soon . According to what they offen lectured , their children would learn how to do it by instinct one day as they had done before . It really terrible and incredible when a couple didn't have any chance to have a look at each other before marriage in ancient Vitenam ! 

Nowadays , Sex is becoming common and it can be put forward as a topic conversation among young people . They can see and understand a lot by video , books , magazines , music of all kinds . So i think it's neccessary to accept Sex Education as a subject in our schools . Let's look at the young in other countries and we will see there is nothing taboo with us when talking about sex . So we should learn about sex in order to help us a healthy way of living . Especially young people ( as me ) - We probably are very curious and eager to know about ev' thing . Sex is so attractive , and so we always want to give it a try  .Therefore , sex education is a indispensable subject in school , giving us valuable information which will be useful in our who
 aimed to enlighten the community on the decadence of the physical education regime. This marking period, I was required to take sex education class. I've been introduced to a new cirriculum that makes me sick.

Most parents aren't aware of what goes on in the sex education classroom, because frankly, most students think the class is hilarious and harmless. I think the class is despicable. Regarding our energetic teacher, I frequently ask myself the question, "Is she teaching us not to have sex, or to do it with latex and have fun?" If I was a school board member in this district, I would be appalled by the vulgar/enthusiastic demeanor of certain teachers who call...


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