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Health and Aging

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Ageing and Health

Mr. President Sir,

                        I take it as a special privilege that I have been given an opportunity to express my candid views on the topic, “Ageing and Health.
Well, before discussing the different dimensions of this contemporary issue, I will like to define the term ageing.
What is ageing? In spite of the anti ageing industry, ageing may be defined as a natural, non pathological process which affects all living things. It is an irreversible process which cannot be stopped and will go on with its natural pace.
Advance in medical science and technology, early and accurate diagnosis of diseases and better cure have increased the life expectancy in developed countries considerably. Like life expectancy in Japan is 83, in Germany 80 and in U.S.A 78 years and the under developed countries have miserably low life expectancy like   in Sierra Leone 41, in Angola 38 and in Swazi Land only 32 years while Pakistan stands in the middle. Our life expectancy is 65 years.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Now I come to the second part of my topic, “health”.  
Generally speaking, Health is that state of your mind and body when every organ is functioning in a natural, smooth and balanced way.
When I combine the two words, Ageing and Health in the previous perspective, an instant question arises. What are the factors which determine the quality of health with ageing? It is not a simple phenomenon. Many factors contribute to it like Genetics, Behavior, social attitude, Health care, peaceful family life and Environment.
While talking about ageing and health, I will not restrict myself to the idea of living long only; I will discuss ways and means of not living just longer but living healthy and better too.
To achieve this end, we will have to make preparations since our prime age and we will have to continue this healthy life style throughout our life.
Mr. President Sir, now I will enumerate the ways and means which are essential for healthy...


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